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Book your hotels via Tripcetera and enjoy great deals. You can choose from over 200K+ best Hotel properties worldwide in 3 easy steps!

Fast and easy booking

One of the advantages of as the best online hotel booking platform is the easy process when booking. You only need to determine the hotel or destination you want to stay in, use the supported means of payment, and print out or carry the hotel's voucher with you.

Transaction Security Guarantee

Tripcetera offers you the freedom to choose and book hotel rooms online. You can also use a variety of payment channel options that are guaranteed safe and secured.

Low Prices with Various Payment Options

Tripcetera provides a variety of payment methods that you can choose yourself from bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal and GoPay at the cheapest, transparent prices and without any additional fees.

Booking for hotels is now easier with

A traveler has many preferences in looking for hotels and the option to spend the night. Online hotel bookings at allows you not only to find the best place to stay but also to get the right bed near to your intended destination. As you plan your trip to visit a city and intend to spend a few days there, of course, you want to get a hotel with room amenities and facilities at a reasonable price. Tripcetera allows you to use the name of known landmarks and place of interest of the city that you are looking to stay at. Then the search result will offer you which hotels that are adjacent to the area. This feature makes the experience in ordering hotels online becomes practical in is a travel marketplace, who have partnered with thousands of hotels in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, also in mainland Asia, continental Europe, America, Australia - practically worldwide! Currently, Tripcetera hosts more than 250,000 listings worldwide that you can choose from. Therefore, you can always find a room to stay at the highest-rated hotels to cheap and budget hotels. Feel free to search hotels, compare facilities, use the filter search and see a list of hotel prices on, while getting a variety of information about the best hotel promos through Tripcetera’s social media such as Facebook and Instagram or you may also subscribe to the newsletter. is a professional online travel marketplace that gives you the freedom to organize your own holidays. You can utilize the search filter that can help you to adjust your budget on various types of hotels in a favorite tourist destination. From the busy and bustle of Singapore to the quiet and peaceful Raja Ampat in Indonesia, Tripcetera offers you the freedom to choose and book hotel rooms online. Plus, you can also use a wide selection of secure payment channels.

Why Choose Tripcetera As Your Online Hotel Booking Platform?

One of the advantages of as the best online hotel booking platform is a very easy process when booking cheap hotels. When booking hotels online at, you only need to determine the hotel or destination you want to stay with, use the supported means of payment, and print out or carry the hotel's voucher with you. You can also use the hotel's reference number to ask the operator about your bookings and other perks or information about the hotels that you need to re-affirm.

Don't worry if you already know where or which part of the city you would want to stay in but don't know the name. The hotel search panel on the system will display the complete list of hotels that should satisfy you. When you search for a hotel, don't forget to enter the check-in date and length of stay (duration) at the hotel. Be advised that depending on the availability, not every room of our partner hotels allows an additional bed or extended stay. Automatically, the advanced online hotel booking system from will automatically display your check-out date. After that, you just click the 'Search' button and let find the best hotel for you.

After you press the 'Search' button, the search engine at will directly display a list of hotels for you. The list of recommendations displayed by can be in the form of starred hotels with modern, boutique, family or ethnic concepts, cottage, budget hotels, and many more. displays recommendations for those of you who are looking for an immediate hotel booking, complete with cheap hotel prices, hotel discounts, hotel-related items and information on the type and number of rooms that you can book. Not only that, if you press the 'Details' button, you will find more information, complete with photos of rooms, facilities, services, hotel profiles, even points of interest near the hotel.

Our team at strives for the utmost accuracy on any information and rates by always providing reliable technology and secure check-out for booking hotels online. You should be advised that the rates and price of hotels and nightly rented houses are dynamic and keeps on changing. Only after a confirmed booking that you can get complete information about the hotels' booking reference number. Feel free to refer to rates on as your consideration before booking a hotel room online. Do not hesitate to also complete your booking process on hotels in any country on South East Asian destinations and beyond through also has a special feature called the Etcetera section. By buying a stay voucher of hotels or resort thru Etcetera, you can always get lower rates than that of direct booking. However, be advised that most Etcetera vouchers need at least 24 hours of confirmation and subject to the operator's terms & conditions before you can go to the vicinity. Tripcetera's hotel voucher thru Etcetera package can be ordered on an impromptu basis. This way, you can get cheaper rates within a limited time-frame and subject to availability and terms as stated by the hotel operator. is your best partner to find a wide selection of hotels online. You can find backpacker cheap hotel at discounted rates worldwide. Hotel bookings online through are becoming more enjoyable with special prices offered from time to time. You can also find such program in Tripcetera Activities. Tripcetera Activities

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How to Book Cheap Hotels in Tripcetera

Tripcetera gives you the recommendation of cheap hotels followed by the hotel prices, the hotel discount, also with the information about the room available. Not only that, while you are clicking the detail of hotels, you will get the hotel description, room photos, detail of facility, the service, hotel profile, and places of interests near the hotel.

If you are still confused about where to book cheap hotels, look for comfortable hotel rooms and have complete facilities at the best prices, Tripcetera is the answer. Here are easy steps to booking the closest cheap hotel on Tripcetera.

1. Set the Destination and Date of the Trip

The first step you have to do is visit the Tripcetera website at After that, enter the destination, city, landmark or hotel name that will be your destination After that, select the check-in date, as well as the duration of your desired stay. Then click 'Search' then the list of hotels you are looking for will be displayed On Tripcetera, you can book cheap hotels or lodging on the same day. So you can book cheap hotels and inns and use them that day.

2. Select the Room You Want

After the list of hotels of your choice is displayed, you can use the filter facility on the right side of the hotel list. You can set the hotel price range, rating of hotel, city, type of hotel and hotel facilities according to your wishes. You can also sort cheap hotels and lodging as you wish, you can sort by price, hotel name, etc. after you choose the hotel please choose the available rooms.

3. Fill in the Order data and Guest Data Completely

If you are sure of the choice of room, immediately confirm the booking by filling in the order data and data of the guest who will stay. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) that has been sent to your cellphone via SMS, then select your preferred payment method and pay within the time limit specified.

4. Complete the Payment Process

After confirming the order, you will be directed to the payment page. Tripcetera provides various payment methods that you can choose from, including bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal and GoPay. After confirmation of payment, our system will send a hotel voucher & receipt to your email. Booking cheap hotels on Tripcetera is very easy and fast. The price you pay is also a transparent price without any additional fees.

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